Candlelight Ministry’s Goals

Service Goals

  • Share God’s Love abundantly
  • Encourage our parishioners to begin a ministry
  • Support our parishioners in their ministries
  • Do more hospital visits
  • Create more opportunities to share the Gospel

God Size Goals

  • Obtain a 501(c)3 ($650.00 application fee)
  • Acquire a refrigerated truck or trailer – (preferred)
  • Receive a donated Warehouse in Concord or Appomattox

Financial Goals

  • Provide salaries
  • Increase monthly pledges
  • Have 20 Churches Pledge $100 each in monthly support

Prayer Request Goals

  • Safety on the road (We deliver 5 to 6 days a week)
  • To be able to share more of God’s love
  • To be able to serve more elderly
  • To partner with more Churches
  • To involve more of God’s people
  • To engage more volunteers