Candlelight Minstries Philosophy

We have 1 basic rule

No Judging allowed

  •  Everything must be taken @ face value
  • We assume they are truthful on their paperwork
  • We let the Holy Spirit handle things

We have other guidelines we follow

We don’t go in thumping the Bible

  • We allow God’s love to do the work
  • Many times we deal with the effects of others
  • We are almost always asked to pray etc.

We take credit for nothing

  • We are God vessels
  • We are humbled that he chooses to use us
  • We always come away with a blessing

You can share the blessings

  • By giving
  • Because you support you share
  • Lives are touched because you share

Ministry opportunities abound

  1.  We need warehouse / delivery help
  2. You can pray for others
  3. You can sit with the elderly / disabled / lonely
  4. You can visit in nursing homes
  5. You can volunteer with Meals on Wheels, Our Daily Bread / Salvation Army / Lynchburg Area Food Bank etc.
  6. Appomattox Community Center has a senior program MWF

There are so many ways to get involved in local missions.  Pray about and when God calls you – ANSWER