Joseph Vaughan


David’s Story

David is 70 years old and had been attending one of our Sunday services for several weeks. He would meet us at the front door of his apartment building each week to open the door for us. We noticed that at the end of the service he would leave very quickly during the last song. About the 4th or 5th Sunday he met us at the door as usual and after greeting us, he stated that he wanted to get saved that night. After accepting Christ as his personal Savior at the end of the service, David shared with us why he would leave the service so quickly. He said that at the age 8 he was taken to a tent revival and encouraged to go to the altar and accept Christ and he did, but never felt that anything had changed. He stated that he had been running from God for 60 years and was being heavily convicted in the services and that is why he left quickly. The last service before he accepted Christ he also left quickly but told us that it was the longest week of his life as he waited for our return so he could accept Christ. When I saw David the following week he was beaming and looked as if a world of burdens were lifted from his shoulders. He told us that he had the opportunity to ask another resident that he had done wrong, for forgiveness, and she forgave him and that they later held a conversation on the elevator. David’s only regret was that his mother was not alive to see him come to Christ but I assured him that because she was saved she had witnessed it in heaven and was rejoicing with the heavenly host. What a blessing it was to be a part of Brother David’s glorious day!

Debbie O’Donnell

To Whom This May Concern,

My name is Debbie O’Donnell. The generosity of your ministry has been overwhelming and the persons involving are caring and so thoughtful and they are in my daily prayers.

What this is about is I have found myself overwhelmed with food items.  I am one person and have found that I cannot eat all that you so kindly deliver.  I am somewhat backed up so I feel that the food delivered to me could possibly go to another needy person.  If I reach a point in my need again, I will surely contact you either by email or by phone.  I am doing email this time as I have just had the last 6 of my upper teeth pulled and talking is next to impossible for the time being.

Thank you again for the assistance and love you have shown to me.

Most respectfully yours,

Debbie O’Donnell